Meda - Reparil - Gel N - Anti Swelling, Anti Inflammatory Gel (100g)


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Topical Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.
Each 100 g gel contains:
 Aescin 1g. Diethyl amine salicylate 5g.
Indications :
In cases of traumatic swelling, contusions, crush injuries, sprains .bruises, hematomas and tenosynovitis.
Painful conditions of the vertebral column (disc lesions, neck pain, lumbago, sciatica).
In superficial thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, for care of the veins after injections or infusions.
Dosage recommendation and mode of application:
Unless otherwise directed-spread a thin layer of the gel onto the skin of the affected areas once daily or more frequently with very little massaging.