Morphe Brushes - Ariel Soft Sculpt Signature Sponge

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ou asked, we answered. Here by popular demand is Ariel’s soft sculpting sponge. Using his expertise, the celebrity makeup artist known for his signature look—stunning eyes, seamless blends, perfect lines, and face-defining highlights and contours—meticulously developed, tested, and perfected this sponge. Its unique double-ended shape enables quick formula switches; use the sponge on one side to apply foundation—and on the other side to apply concealer and bake. As you bounce, pat, swipe, and blend, it’s as if Ariel, himself, is creating his signature look on you. 


“For me, doing makeup has always felt like sculpting–with the right tools your vision can come to life. But while developing these brushes, I realized how much makeup has actually shaped me. That’s why I crafted this signature sponge. It’s been an essential in sculpting who I am today. I hope it has as much of an impact on your life and artistry as it does on mine.”